Meet Synaptico

Your autonomous lead generation and outreach AI partner

Unlock the potential of your database

Synaptico enables you to effortlessly connect with leads at scale with minimal effort using AI

With Synaptico, personalised email conversations are created automatically for each lead in your database.

Whether you're nurturing existing leads or reconnecting with dormant ones, Synaptico ensures that every interaction is personalised and effective. Creating hundreds of bespoke conversational threads, without any human interaction.

Using advanced AI technology, these tailored emails focus on topics of interest, sparking genuine engagement from your leads.

Work smarter, not harder

Gone are the days of spending endless hours drafting emails and tracking down leads

Synaptico streamlines lead generation processes, freeing you from time-consuming manual tasks, by automating tasks like drafting emails and following up with leads.

Tailored Engagement

With advanced AI and language models, Synaptico crafts bespoke email exchanges tailored to each lead’s interests, ensuring genuine engagement and interest.


Synaptico is designed to grow with your business. Whether you’re managing a handful of leads or thousands, our platform can handle the workload, ensuring consistent and effective communication at any scale.

(Under development)

Synaptico seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and systems, allowing for smooth data flow and collaboration across your organisation. Whether it’s your CRM, email platform, or other applications.

Ready to make your job easier?

If you're an expert recruiter, sales professional or talent acquisition professional, book a demo now, and let Synaptico generate your leads for you.